Dodge, run, eat, scape, jump and change the gravity so that your microbe survives!

Microbian is an addictive runner, a semi-procedural game in which a microbe flees an organic and hostile world.

By a simple and original control, Microbian keeps the balance between an art game, with an original graphic and sound art, and an addictive platform game developed for iOS and Android.

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• Platform runner.

• Semi-procedural system: the order of the obstacles isn't repeated, making each game different.

• Innovative art, sound design and game mechanics.

• Simple player control. Single or double touch.

• Rotating universe.

• Very immersive game and music experience. Enjoy it with headphones.

• Global online challenges:

• Reach the goal with the best score.

• Survive as long as you can.

• Fremium Game. Play the full game for free with ads.

• Get the full game. Skip the ads and much more with a single payment.

How to play

• One tap to jump.

• Double tap to jump and stick to the opposite wall.

• Pick white light balls to score more points and speed up.

• Make a combo picking 4 white light balls in a row and get extra points.

• The black light balls reduce your score, and slow you down.

• Tap in the top of the screen to pause.

Art & Sound

Designed completely in black and white, the game has a clear influence of illustration. It includes graphic art elements such as charcoals or textures made with inks, emphasizing in this way its expressiveness and distinguishing itself from most of the games of its kind. The world through which our character moves is minimalist and simple, while at the same time organic, full of plants, textures and all types of microbes. There is a lot of care put in the animation of many characters. As they are treated like silhouettes, they stand out from the abstract backgrounds.

The soundtrack of Microbian is composed of different tracks that will sound randomly in each game. Microbian's soundtrack is based on experimental electronic music, soundscapes and ambient. Music and sound are treated as a unity to emphasize the atmosphere of this misterious and dark world.


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Alberto Vázquez – Design, Art Direction.

As an animation author, his films based on his comics have been shown in festivals all over the world such as Cannes, Toronto, Chicago, Annecy or the European Film Awards. His films have been awarded with more than 100 international awards, among them three Goyas, which are Spain's main national film awards. As an illustrator and comic author, his books have been published in countries such as France, Italy, Brasil, China or Korea.

Víctor García – Game Development, Sound Designer.

As a music composer and sound designer he has worked in films that won many international awards such as “Unicorn Blood”, “Decorado” and “Psiconauts, The Forgotten Children”.He also works in the field of contemporary electronic music with his project Death Whistle, in which he explores his vision of sound and music and brings it on stage with impressive audiovisual live performances.

Khris Cembe - Animation

Animator with more than 12 years of experience. He is the animation director of the feature film Psiconauts, the forgotten children and the short film Decorado, both of them awarded in many festivals around the world. Viaje a pies was his debut as a director and scriptwriter. Currently, he has just finished his second short film, Soy una tumba, premiered internationally at Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival.

Jesús Domínguez – Software Design

As a software developer he has worked in sectors such as government, insurance and banking for more than a decade. He has also made contributions to open source projects such as Aaron Swartz's and ACV, a comic viewer for Android. He got dizzy the first time he played Mario Kart 64.

Carlos de Castro – Tech Lead

Software engineer and Linux enthusiast since he was a kid. Low level lover, if you understand how it works you can take it wherever you imagine. He worked on an open source Android application for emergency medical triage and is currently a developer on an iOS application in the fashion industry.


In addition to all the information on the web you can download the images and videos of Microbian



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